Working with MBDA

Working with MBDA- Le Bourget 2015

As a global leader in a complex industry we want to forge successful relationships with our suppliers that are built on mutual development, flexibility, integrity and competition. At MBDA we don’t see suppliers as working for us, but with us, in a joint effort to develop tomorrow’s solutions today.

At MBDA we believe we are only as strong as the weakest link in our supply chain. That’s why we look not only for suppliers that deliver on cost, quality and time but also those who reflect our commitment to operational excellence, innovation and sustainability.

To optimally manage our Supply Chain, the MBDA procurement organisation is divided into three areas of expertise:

  • Industrial Policy & Supply Chain Management (IPSCM)

IPSCM concentrates on developing a sustainable, high performing and technologically aligned supply base capable of supporting MBDA’s position as the European Industrial Leader in the Complex Weapons global supply chain. We do this through defining industrial policies, such as ‘Make or Buy’, and by continuously striving to improve our supply chain through the development of lasting supplier relationships, the identification, evaluation and mitigation of risk, and the fostering of innovation throughout the supply chain.

  • Major Equipment Procurement (MEP)

MEP selects and works with Sub-Contracted Design Authorities to execute the procurement of bespoke sub-systems critical to MBDA’s ability to maintain its position as a global innovator and producer of complex weapons. MEP is therefore focused on developing long term relationships with suppliers who are motivated and innovative enough to excel in a highly competitive and technologically advanced marketplace.

  • Industrial & General Procurement (IGP)

IGP creates sourcing strategies by Industrial Category and buys electronic and mechanical items, including but not limited to, PCB’s, machining, composites and raw materials for sub-systems where MBDA is the Design Authority. It is also responsible for the procurement of General (non-product) areas such as, facilities management, Information Management and Engineering Services. IGP manages supplier relationships with the goal of enhancing and delivering MBDA’s strategic vision through their technology or capability.